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Improve the health of body, mind and soul with a holistic approach and specialized detoxification program

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If you want the full results, expertise in the field of detoxification, high-quality service, proven natural methods and ancient traditional technique - let your choice be Origo Center!

Go for a renewal, feel the power of a comprehensive detoxification, immerse yourself in an oasis of peace and regeneration.

Fully customisable health service

Do you need a good rest and recovery? Want to eliminate the cause of your problems and turn to yourself and a healthy lifestyle? Looking for appropriate wellness concept? Guidelines you'll find here will help you answer the questions about what we can do for you and help you make this important decision. We will also introduce you the range of facilities for a carefree arrival and stay for the entire duration of your holiday and instructions to facilitate travel planning.

Who are we?

Origo is the first specialized center for holistic detoxification in Croatia, located in the center of Zagreb, the capital. Every day we help regain man´s natural balance in completely natural way using the unique combination of modern technology, the medical profession and the ancient traditional technique based on Native American medicine. Our treatment includes therapeutic procedures of different disciplines with the aim of successful solving, mitigation and assistance to people with various disabilities on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.

Our team

is made of medical educated staff, trained professionals with years of experience in the field of holistic detox and wellness therapists equally devoted to their call when you need help and support. We look at the individual as a unique whole, ask questions and find comprehensive solutions. Our commitment, faith in the power of detoxification as well as positive results is the advantage reflected in the large number of satisfied customers. To ensure and provide the highest level of service, constant focus is given to the effectiveness and results, expertise, hygiene, privacy and comfort.

After a complete cleaning, our clients are returning home recovered, refreshed and with a lot more life energy, inspired by the unforgettable experience.

Holistic wellness

Whether the reason for your search is some of the many contemporary health problems or you just want some time to get away from everything and devote yourself, the underlying cause of the problem is more or less the same for most people - overload.

It can include physical, mental, emotional and / or spiritual level, yet usually they are all intertwined, while the intensity of overloading mainly depends on the lifestyle, the person and the environment in which it resides.

Everything a person around affects on the health and quality of life; from the choice of food, drinks, thoughts and feelings, movement, people, workplace, etc., so we do a special favor to ourselves when periodically decide for the thorough cleaning.

Throughout our lives we have only one body, it is not possible to replace it, so it is a wise decision of its owner to treat it with care and respect. The natural balance is to be aligned, physically, mentally and spiritually, and to be considered a healthy person one should be able to balance in all areas as well as inside.

Holistic detoxification

The body can make a much more toxic load before the overload starts to manifest as disease. The basic step that is necessary to provide in order to move through the recovery is unload everything loaded and build a healthy and supportive lifestyle habits.

As narrow branch of holistic wellness, holistic detoxification is created. In its main focus holistic detoxification aims to complete cleaning in order to return the state as close to the original, and seeks to achieve a natural balance, a condition in which systems in the body independently and properly manage their own cleaning mechanism which is itself a prerequisite for good health.

Respecting this rule, the closer we are to health and wholeness of ourselves as beings, which is the key to success, happiness, personal fulfillment and well-being. That is the part that we are focused on during your stay at Origo Center.

Detoxification is the quickest and most effective method for improving the health, appearance and inner feelings. It frees from toxic backlog, returns the body, mind and spirit in a balanced condition, and supports and strengthens its own power for cleaning, regeneration and recovery. Targeted and directed therapeutic methods eliminate the toxic surplus, strengthens immunity, stimulates the regeneration and renewal and visibly increases the quality of a person's life. In addition, through our individual and group workshops and lectures, focus is to educate, awaken and strengthen the awareness and support and creating positive and sustainable change.

Therefore, consciously embrace the power of purification that brings holistic detoxification and feel from your own experience this comprehensive and in-depth revival of the body, mind and spirit.


As each person is different and has different needs, priorities and state of health, so there is no universal program that would fit everyone. Therefore, the rule; one person one approach.

Plan and content of each program is determined exclusively individually in consultation with the person where the program is fully adapted to their needs, priorities, current health status, preferences and objectives. Holistic detoxification programs usually last a minimum of 7 days to 28 days, and when necessary, it is possible to extend the stay.

Programs include individual counseling, conducting diagnostic work that provides insight into the psychological and physical condition, according to which a detoxifying individualized therapeutic plan will be created. This approach guarantees success because it is designed exclusively to the needs and health of the person, and the therapeutic part is focused on the priorities and objectives of the person and it is carried out in his own rhythm.

As holistic detoxification includes a wide range of therapy with an emphasis on the specific needs of each individual, the detox plan may includes some of the methods such as hydrocolon therapy or cleaning the colon, the protocol for cleansing the liver and kidneys, informoteherapy by dr. Skripnjuk, nozodotherapy, detox rituals, treatments based the ancient medicine, aromatherapy, sauna, reflexology and various other massage techniques, life coaching, group workshops to master the art of living, emotional cleansing, meditation, music therapy, yoga, healthy food workshops, lectures, excursions, nature walks etc.

Additional services

Customers will always be able to count on our help, from planning arrival, to the organization of accommodation, transportation from the airport to accommodation and the return transport to the airport, the food during the stay and the final advice on departure. Accommodation is located just 3 minutes away from the Origo Centre allowing easier time management and carefree stay.

How to apply?

Contact us at

State the purpose of your visit, all the health problems if present, your goals and what you consider important, whether it is about your condition or specific needs during the stay.

We will reply to you as soon as possible, after which, if it is determined that there are no contraindications and the program of holistic detoxification can be attended, follow the arrangements booking accommodation and all the necessary additional services fully adapted to you and your needs.

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